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Okay, everyone! Timmy is at work right now, so I decided I'd post our first journal!

At the moment we have no watchers(duh), but soon enough I'll be posting some of my stories, and maybe that'll get us some!

The only type of writing I do is fiction. Non-fiction is boring and I suck at it.
I'll write any type of fiction.
Doesn't matter if it's fantasy or horror or mystery or comedy or even something about vampires and werewolves!
I suck at reports. I always get bad grades on them.

Barey any of my english essays are non-fiction. If I can find a twist to make it fiction, I'll do it.

I never read non-fiction either.
Except some.
Like The Diary of Anne Frank.

Anyway, I also draw flowers.
I suck epicly at everything else.

Also, once I get a few stories posted, I'll take requests for stories.

Okay, that's about it!

Roslynn, out!

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United States
Hey, guys!
My name is Timmy. I am a psychotic banana!
Hold on, my friend is here.

She wants to talk to you.

Hey guys! It's me Roslynn here!
I'm the human girl who will also use this account along with Timmy.
I'll mostly just post my stories and maybe I'll even post a picture I draw(thenagainmaybenot).
So, if you want to know anything about me, here are the basics.
I'm 13.
I live in the U.S.
I'm a Texan.
My hair is brown.
My eyes are green.
My favorite color is blue.
My favorite food is RAMEN.
I'm right-handed.
I really can't draw too good.
If I do draw something decent, it'll be a flower.
I LOVE to write.
I'm a semi-gamer.
and (since I don't want to release my full name) my initials are RCF.

Anyway, Timmy's nagging me to give him the comupter back, so I'll talk to you later!!!

Hey, everyone, it's Timmy again!
Sorry about Roslynn.
She's a real whack-job.


Be quiet, you.
So, anyway.
My name is Timmy and I'm a banana.

That's about it!

Since I really don't like anything, Roslynn put some of her interests down below.

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